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Nya studenter-utställningen, KHM2

"For this exhibition I'm showing three paintings, made with the method of layer painting - applying thin layers of oil and pigments over a monochrome underpainting. The pigments are made by hand from materials I gather from the city and from nature. Materials like terracotta shards, gravel, coal, plants and flower petals.

The pigments that derive from these excursions in communal space, are used for depicting scenes and objects in my studio. Painting becomes a mediator between the public sphere of field work, and a private, solitary studio practice.

Currently, I'm thinking of these paintings in terms of negotiating attention.

- The motifs are close ups of everyday, seemingly insignificant objects. They are still, as in non-moving, quiet scenes.
- The process breaks down painting into its smallest component: a grain of pigment.

Jaques Rancière talks a about attention in 'The Ignorant Schoolmaster'. He argues that you can learn about the entirety of the human intelligence from just a book, or a chapter, or a sentence, or even a single letter. I believe that you can learn great things by narrowing down your scope, by slowing down. And I think that painting (and these small, process based still life-paintings in particular) is a very suitable medium for exploring these ideas."

Text from the exhibition